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Meet the passionate individuals behind Practice 360 – a team dedicated to your success. Founded by industry experts with decades of combined experience, we transcend the conventional role of service providers to stand alongside you in prosperity. From implementation to ongoing support, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.

Hamid Kohan


Hamid Kohan is a serial entrepreneur, public speaker, and award-winning author, with a track record of scaling law firms of all sizes. Hamid started his career in silicon valley where he served as Director of Business Development of Sun Microsystems, working alongside Eric Schmidt (Google CEO), Carol Bartz (Yahoo CEO). Hamid was then recruited to serve as the president of Web Radio, Growing the business to a valuation of $1 Billion, and eventually taking the company public on the New York Stock Exchange. Currently, Hamid serves as the president and CEO of Legal Soft, leading the company in it’s efforts to revolutionize the legal industry. Hamid is also the founder of Magic Law Group, a premier nationwide law firm specializing in the areas of personal injury, lemon law, employment law, and workers compensation.

Nathan Sumekh

Executive Vice-President

Nathan Sumekh is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and business leader with a passion for growing companies in unique and effective ways. Currently, he serves as the Co-Founder and VP of Operations at Legal Soft, which significantly grows firms by providing wrap-around support from lead generation to staffing. Legal Soft currently serves over 500 law firms, has 150+ team members, and operates across eight international offices. Here, Nathan spearheads the business development strategy, managing a team of 70 team members.

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Meet Our Amazing Team

Our accredited staff has helped our clients make their dreams come true for many years.

Scott Harris

Scott Harris


Hanieh Moghadasi

Hanieh Moghadasi


Behrad Brumand

Behrad Brumand


Dan Taft

Dan Taft


Shadan Brumand


Josh Hashemzadeh

Josh Hashemzadeh


Fred Budburan

Fred Budburan


Kate Herrera

Kate Herrera


Our Global Offices

Our global offices in Mexico, Philippines, Ecuador, U.S, Nicaragua, and Colombia are strategically positioned in prominent areas of major cities. They serve as a steadfast sanctuary, ensuring the safety and productivity of our distributed workforce. Our expansive nature is what enables us to create new jobs, allowing for a better future.

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Interested In Growth?

Set up a free demo today, and our Practice 360 expert will go over all of the features with you and show you what the dashboard looks like. Learn how our comprehensive solution can help scale your practice.

Interested in Joining?

We are always looking for talented, driven individuals to join our team. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our multifaceted team, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your application. We look forward to hearing from you.

Basic Website Maintenance

Our team of website developers is equipped to refresh your site with updated content, integrate new videos, incorporate fresh testimonials, reviews, and showcase compelling case studies seamlessly onto your website.

Social Media Management

  • 2 story posts a week (8 total per month)
  • 3 feed posts a week (12 total per month)
  • Video/reel editing
  • Thumbnails and logo
  • Detailed monthly reporting
  • Content must be provided 2-3 weeks before launch date

Remote Dialer

Ability to assign unique phone numbers to your team (local & remote) with the ability to call, receive calls and text. Ability to track calls, record and audit outbound and inbound calls.

Full Time Marketing Coordinator

Trained Marketing Coordinator to complete and monitor the entire practice of marketing, advertising, online presence, client retention, referrals and much more.

Digital Billboard &
Print Advertising

  • Stunning visual graphics
  • Captivating animation that grabs the attention of potential clientele 
  • Lead tracking for campaign effectiveness information, allowing for improvement

Client Retention

Keep your clients coming back by taking the necessary measures to keep them happy, and find solutions for unsatisfied clients.

  • Monthly Survey of existing clients 
  • Report unsatisfied clients for follow-up
  • Collect Positive Reviews
  • Create client reviews and post on social media accounts and your website
  • Review incentive programs 
  • Social media posting of reviews

Client Resources

We will offer your clients services, help with communication management and more

  • Review Collection and Posting
  • Welcome Packages (Goody bags)
  • Pictures with Settlements and Posting
  • Settlement Anniversary announcement
  • Text and email distribution to client contact database for 10 national holidays, client birthdays and client settlement anniversary

Directory Registration

Stand out on directories online and in person so that clients have an easier time finding you and your firm.

  • Quarterly update of registrations
  • Adding content to each site
  • Link back to the firm website
  • Register all attorneys in 42 online attorney directories (Avvo, Nolo, etc)

Referral Management

Get referred from other business’ in our circle, and also refer your clients to other business’ for a profit. Quite the mutualistic relationship.

  • Identify a list of all Referral Sources
  • Identify a list of all service providers to clients 
  • Create a marketing campaign 
  • Expand on the number of referrals
  • Free subscription to www.411Referrals.com
  • Add key referral sources into the Case Management System, Mobile App and Website

Full Time Virtual Assistant

Allow us to allocate a talented, trained professional assistant to work alongside you.

  • Marketing Manager
  • Estate Planning Client Retention
  • Bankruptcy Intake and Screening
  • Immigration Intake and Screening
  • Referral Development (Linkedin)
  • Family Law Intake, Screening
  • Documentation collection

Basic Social Media Package

Content Generation, Graphic Design and Video Editing for your Facebook and Instagram account. Three posts a week, engagement with your followers and growth of your online presence.

Website Maintenance

Our developers have over 15 years of experience delivering industry leading websites and will work with you diligently. We can update content, add videos, new testimonials, reviews and case studies.

  • Video/Content Updates
  • Testimonials Update
  • Chatbot Installation
  • Monthly Management and updates
  • Additional Practice and location pages
  • Customized and Optimized your online presence

AI Powered Services

Monthly consultation with Legal Practice Mastermind to evaluate practice operation, client generation, ROI & KPI’s

Print & Mail

Enable your staff to upload PDF documents and remotely mail your letters, including certified mail and electronic return receipt. Tracking numbers are provided by the mail carrier, United States Postal Service (USPS).


Monthly custom Newsletter to announce practice achievements, client testimonials, new services and industry highlights.

Practice Mobile App

Advanced custom mobile app with Client Referral Solutions, Intake, Document Collection, Retainer Solutions and direct client contact

Press Releases

Announce your achievements nationwide, be included in over 150 media sources and backlinks to your site and social media.

Foundational SEO

SEO solution to improve your online presence based on practice type and demographics

Email Marketing

Advanced Email marketing solution, lead follow-up, client generation, client retention, client appreciation and notifications.

* Mail service campaign costs apply

SMS Marketing

Advanced SMS messaging solution for client retentions, surveys, holiday greetings and referral generation.

* SMS data rates apply, the cost varies depending on the message size.

Lead Management

Advanced practice lead management from Social Media Campaigns, Email and SMS. Automated Email and SMS follow-up with each lead. Call and progress tracking for incoming leads.

Practice Resources

Recommended list of service providers and a knowledge base for any practice management system

E-Business Cards

Forge Your Online Digital Business Card: Dive into digital networking with our virtual business card. It’s an inventive, cost-effective method to effortlessly update and distribute your professional details. Display a variety of contact information, from your phone number to your social media profiles


Ability to collect E-Signatures on retainers and other documents

Form Builder

Configurable form builder including Digital Signature.

Training Managment

Collection of several training courses and programs for your practice.

Virtual Staff Management

Manage and monitor your remote staff all over the world. Time tracking, screen monitoring, incentive management, and call tracking system.

(HR/Legal Templates)

Collection of most commonly used HR documents and letter for your practice.

Document Collection

Automated process to notify clients of documents required for each case with a reminder and collection feature.

Automated Intake

Automated client intake solution to retain clients and track progress.